YOUTH EXPERIENCES STUDY: Exploring the Sex Trafficking Experiences of Homeless Young Adults in Arizona

The Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research (STIR) at Arizona State University has published their 2017 Youth Experiences Survey report. This report is a summary of 187 surveys collected from Arizona’s homeless and runaway youth ages 18 to 25 collected by four partnering organizations (UMOM, Our Family Services, Native American Connections and OneNTen).  This study was funded by the McCain Institute for International Leadership, Our Family Services, UMOM, and the City of Tucson.

There are a surprisingly high number of youth/young adults in Arizona reported being labor trafficked. Same level as sex trafficking. It signals a real need for homeless youth/young adults to be screened for both sex in labor trafficking. This study also clearly supports what we know: These are youth who have extremely complex multifaceted needs.

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