Myths and What You Can Do

STAC had a great turnout for our monthly training on July 19 at the United Church in Tallahassee. This month’s topic was the Myths of Human Trafficking and 10 Things You Can Do To Help. If you missed the training, you can download the PowerPoint presentation below.

Also, don’t forget to register for August’s training, which will focus on human trafficking and the vulnerabilities of immigrants. Trainings are from 1 to 3 p.m. on the third Friday of every month. Register for August here.

Joan Leggitt, chair of the Community Action Committee at United Church in Tallahassee speaks at STAC’s July 2019 training about how her church is supporting local anti-trafficking efforts and supporting survivors. The UCT is leading STAC’s lip balm project, whereby thousands of lip balms are labeled with the National Human Trafficking Hotline and distributed throughout communities by volunteers.

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