Board Member Spotlight: Vania Aguilar

Vania Aguilar, MS, STAC Board member

Vania Aguilar, MS, STAC Board member, is the speaker for STAC’s training on August 16, which will focus on human trafficking and its intersections with immigration. REGISTER HERE.

Vania oversees case management for victims of crimes at the Florida State University Center for the Advancement of Human Rights and assists clients with the preparation and filing of U-visa, VAWA and T-visa applications. She has worked for the Center since 2001, and since 2005, teaches in Adult & Community Education, regularly incorporating human trafficking education into her lesson plans.

Why are you passionate about STAC’s mission?

I have been working in the anti-trafficking field since 2002. STAC meets the needs that every community has by focusing on education, awareness and victim care.

How has being on the STAC board changed your worldview?

STAC has made me realize that I need to explore and support local farmers that cultivate everything without exploiting others.

What’s one thing you wish everyone understood about human trafficking?

I would like everyone to understand that there isn’t a single profile for a victim or a trafficker; it happens everywhere and to anyone. This is a crime that we need to eradicate as a community. No single organization and agency can do it on its own.

What would you like to see our community do to support trafficking survivors and the STAC mission?

I would like to see our community become more connected on how to immediately assist and meet the needs of trafficking victims. As a community, we can work together. Assistance can be provided in a financial form but also by volunteering at events and helping STAC in any capacity with many of its initiatives to continue to educate others on how to prevent this crime.

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